Eat these vegetables to supercharge your immune system
Vegetables to boost your immune system
As a global pandemic strikes, we're bound to be cautious of our health and staying strong. Daily preventive measures—such as handwashing, good hygiene, and avoiding contact with the sick—can go a long way in reducing your risk for viruses and other pathogens but it may not be enough. Daily intake of superfoods can also help you supercharge your immune system. Here’s a look at the list of vegetables you can stock up on that are considered as immune system boosters.

Leafy green superfood 

Lettuce is a crispy and refreshing vegetable and is available everywhere and the whole year round. It is a great source of vitamins K, A, and C, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This leafy green superfood is best for people who aim to lose weight due to its high nutrient density and low calorie content. Eating this regularly can help prevent any kinds of diseases.

Suggested ways to enjoy lettuce: salad, sandwiches, and green smoothies

Crispy healthy flowers

Considered as one of the healthiest vegetables are Broccoli and Cauliflower which is why  having it on your table is a must. These two amazing veggie flowers belong to the cabbage family that’s why they didn’t have much difference in appearance and on the nutrients they have. They are supercharged with vitamins and minerals - vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as fiber and antioxidants such as glutathione.

Suggested ways to enjoy broccoli and cauliflower: pasta, salad, and stir fried

Crunchy low-carb vegetable

Celery is also one of the healthiest and versatile veggie, whether for kitchen or medicinal use. It was initially used as medicine in treatment of hypertension, insomnia, and other common sickness. This crunchy low-carb veggie is filled with vitamins like B2, C, K, and dietary fiber, best to boost your immune system All of its part is edible, whether it is raw or cooked. 

Suggested ways to enjoy celery: Juice and salad, and soup.

Versatile Healing Herb 

Another kitchen staple but is also widely used in medicine is ginger. This rhizome plant is packed with antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which makes it a good immune system booster. Regular intake of ginger can prevent common diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and it may also lower your risk of cancer.

Suggested ways to enjoy ginger: saute, soup, and tea

Sweet nutritious bell pepper

Did you know that red bell pepper contains more  vitamin C than citrus fruits? This is one of the reasons why bell peppers are also considered as one of the healthiest vegetables. Aside from vitamin C, it is also packed with vitamins B6, A, and E, and minerals like potassium which is good for your heart health.

Suggested ways to enjoy red bell pepper: sizzled, grilled, stuffed.

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Eat these vegetables to supercharge your immune system
GNB Admin
8 June, 2020
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